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2 Tips To Prepare Your Air Conditioner for the Wintertime

Wintertime: Aside from warm cocoa, eggnogs, Christmas carols, and much more spending, this time of the year is magical because it’s also when the country turns into a winter wonderland.

As the temperature continues to sink well below the 70s and 60s, it’s easy to get caught up in all the winter fun that comes with cozier living during this time of year. However, times like these also signal the start of another momentous occasion that’s guaranteed to take place across all homes in New Jersey: Swapping the AC for a heater.

Going over the transition

The last three months of the year are a special time that marks the beginning of when every air conditioning unit gets a much-needed break after working tirelessly for at least nine months.

Currently, you might be looking at the weather forecasts on the news and keeping an eye out for dropping temperatures that will signal the start of the switch over to your trusty heating system. After getting much-needed heater maintenance done, it’s safe to say that you’re well on your way to keeping your home as nice and toasty as possible in the coming months.

As you get all the necessary tune-ups and other kinds of tasks out of the way, however, prepping for a proper AC shutdown is one key aspect of the transition you shouldn’t overlook!

A few tips to prepare your air conditioner for the off-season

Contrary to what most people believe, preparing an air conditioner for an off-season (or a much-needed hibernation) is much more than simply turning everything off and waiting for a few months to pass. Thankfully, you won’t have to risk breaking your unit after a bout of sheer ignorance because these tips can help you keep everything top-shape:

Tip 1: Turn the whole system off

One of the biggest misconceptions that homeowners have when preparing their AC units for the wintertime is that switching a unit from “cooling mode” to “heating mode” will suffice – it doesn’t!

Although it may seem like swapping the settings over can suffice, the truth is that it isn’t recommended because it can still cause ice and water to get sucked into the unit, resulting in electrical shortages. To ensure that nothing unwanted takes place with your air conditioner during the wintertime, you’ll need to open up the flip lid in the condenser unit’s outside circuit and switch everything to “off.”

Tip 2: Clean off your condenser unit

Another significant mistake that most homeowners make when turning an air conditioner off for the winter is that they don’t clean the condenser unit. This will eventually cause a host of problems after a few months.

When you fail to clear out the dirt and grime (and other unwanted things like branches, leaves, sticks) from your condenser unit before winter, you can cause a whole lot of problems to build up. Fortunately, you can ensure that your unit stays spick and span until the following season by letting the experts at Elite Repairs Corp handle the cleaning for you!


Dealing with the transition that you’ll need to make from an air conditioner to a heating unit just in time for the winter season is much less straightforward than you might expect, especially when it comes to turning off your AC unit. Fortunately, following the two tips mentioned above can help ensure that your efforts pay off, and your beloved cooler stays safe during the winter!

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