Air conditioners lined up outside a home

HVAC Repair vs. Replacement: 4 Key Factors to Consider

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is designed and installed to regulate temperature at home. It also serves to cool your space during summer and keep it warm during winter. However, with constant use and abuse, it can get subject to inevitable wear and tear that some components are no longer working well the way they used to be and become malfunctioned.

The question is: when should you consider an HVAC repair or replacement? That’s what we’re going to explore in this blog. Read on below to find out what key factors to consider when weighing both options:

1. Age of your HVAC system

Keep in mind that your HVAC system doesn’t last forever. Even with constant upkeep and tune-up, an air conditioning system’s lifespan ranges from 12 to 15 years while the furnace ranges from 16 to 20 years. If your heating and cooling systems are way past these years, you may consider getting them replaced instead of merely having them repaired. Not only are they old and outdated, but they may no longer be functioning optimally by now.

2. Issues with HVAC components

It’s possible that your cooling and heating systems are still working, and it’s just that some of its parts are acting up, which needs to be immediately fixed. That said, take note of the following HVAC problems:

  • AC issues
  • Failed capacitor
  • Blown fuse
  • Blown transformer
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Clogged condensate line
  • Furnace issues
  • Dead blower capacitor
  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Bad inducer draft motor
  • Improperly calibrated equipment

If you’ve encountered one or some of the HVAC issues mentioned above, be sure to have your system inspected. The chances are that you need to have some parts repaired while a few others replaced!

3. Air quality at home

Another consideration is the quality of air getting circulated at home. Not only will this impact your space ambiance and comfort, but it will also affect the health of the whole household. With dirty air coming from your HVAC system, you and your family can absorb harmful particulates, bacteria, and other pollutants. This will also lead to mildew and mold growth and infestation that can damage your property. That said, be sure to get your HVAC system inspected, cleaned, and maintained so that you will know if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. Severely damaged or malfunctioned system

There are instances when your cooling and heating system is severely damaged or is totally malfunctioned. When confronted with this issue, the best course of action is to replace it with a new system. Doing so will ensure that you have an AC unit or furnace that’s in top shape and working condition, which provides you and your family with the utmost comfort at home.


At this point, you now know the four key factors to consider when looking for an HVAC service, whether you end up opting for a repair or replacement. As outlined above, be sure to consider your HVAC system’s age, issues with its components, air quality at home, and severely damaged or malfunctioned systems. 

With all these factors in mind, you’ll be able to decide which option to take—repair or replacement! Ultimately, fixing your HVAC system or replacing it with a new one will ensure you and your family stays comfortable at home all year round!

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