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HVAC Issues Which Typically Happen in the Wintertime

Winter is upon us, which means you’re about to turn your HVAC unit on. There’s nothing quite like coming home to a comfortable, toasty environment just as the temperatures are starting to get really low. With that, a number of people make sure to prep their HVAC units in time for winter, since a faulty heating system during that time can be incredibly inconvenient.

Heating and cooling systems become far more at-risk in states where the weather is harsh during winter. Luckily, a number of problems seen in systems for heating and cooling at that time can be avoided. It’s key to be familiar with probable HVAC issues in the wintertime in order to avoid them and let your home stay comfortably warm.

Here are some typical HVAC issues which typically happen in the wintertime:

Airflow Constriction

Is there a room in your house that’s much colder compared to other rooms? That means there’s a problem with your airflow. Another way this problem will materialize is when your home’s airflow doesn’t have the same strength that it had in the beginning. Check the vents and ensure there is nothing blocking them, like furniture. Additionally, check the pipes to ensure they’re connected to the vent’s air supply. Constricted airflow is a pretty common issue usually caused by blocked fans, dirty air ducts, filter or furnace motor issues, and vents that are obstructed.

Freezing Pipes

One of the biggest problems HVAC systems face in the winter are frozen pipes. As soon as the temperatures drop, ice starts to build up on coils and pipes. When that happens, the pipes end up freezing and no longer work. Hydraulic hot water systems generally get faulty after water no longer flows through the pipes as they freeze. When hot water is most necessary during the harsh cold of winter, this can be a particularly frustrating concern. Pipes can also end up bursting, which means that costly HVAC repair is in order. It is crucial to call a qualified professional to do the repair of your heating and cooling system.

Leaking Carbon Monoxide

Colorless and odorless, carbon monoxide can be high-risk on a deadly level. It’s crucial to get a carbon monoxide detector or monitor installed by a professional before winter so you can be fully prepared. Around the same time, get the professional or technician to check on the present carbon monoxide levels of your home.

Repetitive Heat Cycle

An evident sign of trouble is when your heater starts to constantly turn on and off. Aside from a regular waste of energy, it makes HVAC parts get unneeded wear and tear. Faulty thermostat can also trigger this. You should call for a qualified heating repair technician to check on the unit and get the issue fixed as quickly as possible. 


There are a number of reasons why you can end up with HVAC issues during harsh winter months. Some problems can be avoided through regular maintenance, including cleaning filters. It is key to have problems addressed immediately so your home can be as comfortable and warm as possible.

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