commercial refrigerator in a shop

How to Tell If It’s Time to Get a New Commercial Refrigerator

The food industry is a competitive place to be in, with an endless array of new restaurants and shops popping up every day to feature the latest food crazes and trends. Yet, there’s no denying that people love to eat, so you will never run out of dishes to make and customers to serve.

If you’ve been in the business for a while, then the equipment and machines you’re using may have been with you for about the same period, resulting in potential wear and tear over time. This likely includes your commercial refrigerator that works to store all your produce. Without it, you can’t accommodate all your customers adequately because you will eventually run out of stock and food storage. After an extended period, keep in mind that your fridge may also need to undergo the necessary repairs to maintain optimal performance. 

To ensure you get the best out of your trusted machine, you need to call for the best contractors near you to inspect the system and provide the required maintenance. Sometimes, after they’ve exhausted all their means, experts will recommend a replacement for your refrigerator. 

Keep reading below to find out the three signs that tell you it’s time to buy a new appliance:

1. There is Frost Accumulating in Your Refrigerator

When you operate your commercial refrigerator, you expect it to cool your meat, vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients needed for your business. When frost appears out of nowhere, it is a sign that your appliance isn’t cooling as expected.

As a result, your business will likely be affected if the situation remains untreated. By calling for regular HVAC repairs, your commercial fridge can be taken care of promptly. However, if you keep experiencing frost, it can indicate that you should pass up on the repairs and purchase a new fridge instead.

2. There Are Water Puddles Forming around the Machine

When your commercial refrigerator leaks water, it could be due to an overflowing evaporator pan, a clogged drainage hose, or a broken gasket, which will require an immediate replacement. But if all of the given situations aren’t the cause of the water puddles, your appliance may be experiencing a more profound problem involving the entire unit.

If you want to continue running your food business without interruptions and possible temporary closure because of a malfunctioning appliance, you will need to ask for a replacement. That way, you can continue operating your business and avoid making your customers wait.

3. The Food You Store Tend to Spoil More Often

It’s already given that plant-based dishes and various meats have a short expiration date, while processed food also has its limits. However, if your situation involves constantly experiencing a foul stench coming from your stored food each time you open your refrigerator, something could be wrong with your system.

On top of that, if you rarely notice that your fridge’s compressor is running and making a sound like it’s supposed to, there is an apparent problem with your cooling system. The best step to maintain your machine’s excellent condition is to clean it out every three months to sustain its upkeep.


Your commercial refrigerator plays an integral role in ensuring that your food business continues running, your ingredients and food stocks are kept in quality order, and your customers are happy. If you’re experiencing problems with your fridge, similar to what’s stated above, you will have to contact an emergency HVAC near you to remedy your situation. They will likely perform the needed repairs or let you know that it’s time to get a replacement for your refrigerator to prevent affecting your business in the long run.

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