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Commercial Refrigeration and the Holidays: Our Business Guide

The holiday shopping season is finally here, and your business must be ready to meet increased customer expectations! One of the best ways to do so is to start thinking about your commercial refrigeration unit to stock all your business’s products. 

But what exactly does it take to maintain efficient commercial refrigerating? And what are common issues that you may expect during operation hours? Keep reading to find out the answers you need! 

This article will discuss three tips that will help you get well-acquainted with your commercial fridge unit. That way, you can avoid any costly inconveniences to your employees and customers. Take this article as an opportunity also to maintain your business profitability and finish the year strong with significant profits! 

1. Clean your refrigeration unit routinely and properly 

Most refrigeration contractors agree that one of the main issues among commercialized refrigeration units is upkeep, particularly cleanliness. It’s because most business owners don’t know how to wash their units properly, resulting in inefficient electricity consumption, lack of storage space, and high product spoilage rates. 

As such, you and your employees should have a fixed weekly or bi-weekly commercial refrigeration cleanup. Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals as it may ruin the unit’s delicate parts. Instead, use mild soap and hot water.

As a safety precaution, avoid cleaning anything that conducts electricity to avoid getting electrocuted. Either read your unit’s product manual or hire professionals to clean. And most importantly, remove all unnecessary clutter, like decaying products and debris, from the unit to maintain high-quality cooling. 

2. Have commercial refrigeration contractors check your unit before the holidays 

You should avoid running into any inconveniences during the festive season, especially with your commercial refrigeration unit. It can affect your employees’ productivity, your business’s profitability, and you may even have to pay extra for the damages, such as your products getting spoiled. Fortunately, you can take additional steps to prevent any refrigeration-related issues! 

Before the holidays, consult with our commercial refrigeration contractors and technicians for your unit’s maintenance. Our team can help you patch up any leaks, fix any faulty temperature readings, and fix any noise-related problems with your compressor. 

We can also offer you the best replacement and upgrade options. That way, you can keep your business’s operations running as customers access your refrigeration unit! 

3. Consider relocating your refrigeration unit and adding more units 

Setting your commercial refrigeration unit in the wrong place can ruin its functionality and limit its ability to cool effectively. For instance, you may place your unit near the store window, exposing it and your products to heat, affecting your unit’s temperature control capabilities. 

It may also be time to think about your business’s overall capacity for refrigerated products, as you may have to add extra units to increase your business’s efficiency, particularly as the holiday shopping season starts. 

The best way to ensure you make well-informed, business-forward decisions is to consult with a commercial refrigeration contractor. They can provide you with viable quotes and other recommendations to help you maximize your commercial refrigeration capacity and other business expansion opportunities! 


Your business’s access to commercial refrigeration is a much-need resource, especially during the holidays. Now, you have a better understanding of what needs to be done to prepare for the rise in customer demand. Remember all the previously mentioned tips and get your refrigeration unit checked today! 

Are you looking for the best contractors near you in New Jersey for your commercial refrigeration? We at Elite Repairs can provide you with that! Our dedicated team of refrigeration technicians can help your business get ready for the holiday rush. Maintain your business’s operations with us to take advantage of the holiday shopping craze!