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3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Performing Poorly

Now that summer is fast approaching, homeowners need to ensure their air conditioners are in mint condition to help you beat the heat. Dealing with an AC unit that isn’t performing up-to-par can serve as a major inconvenience, especially when it breaks down in the middle of a solstice. 

Air conditioners are designed to keep the air cool inside your home, but they need to be working at maximum capacity to get the job done right. Without giving them the proper care and maintenance they require, its performance can come short and compromise your comfort with a higher energy bill to make matters worse. 

Air conditioners typically wear down over time, but understanding the culprits behind your AC problems can help you anticipate them and take proactive preventive measures: 

1. Low Refrigerant 

The refrigerant is one of the essential components of an AC unit since it’s responsible for removing the heat and excess humidity in your space. A poor refrigerant – be it due to leaks or other reasons – can prevent the air conditioner from producing cool air. 

This would beat the entire purpose of your AC unit, so it’s important to call an HVAC repair technician immediately to restore its functionality up to speed. Letting professionals take over this repair job is also crucial since fixing a refrigerant isn’t a matter of replacing it but also tackling the root cause of the leaks. 

2. Frozen Evaporator Coils 

The evaporator coils house the refrigerant, taking the heat from the air and converting it into a cooler temperature. Introducing warm air to these coils is critical to its performance since it will quickly freeze without it, creating a solid layer of ice around the coils. 

The ice build-up will prevent the coils from absorbing heat, resulting in an AC unit that either releases hot air or none at all. 

3. Fan Problems 

Air conditioners generally come with two fans – one for blowing the cold indoor air to the evaporator coil to keep it cool, while the other is designed to expel the heat outdoors. When one or both fans start to malfunction – be it due to dirt build-up, poor lubrication, or a faulty motor – it can act as a bottleneck to your unit’s airflow.

In the worst-case scenario, dealing with fan problems can result in a compressor failure, which will ultimately damage your air conditioner beyond repair. 

The Bottom Line: Uncovering the Common Culprits Behind Your Faulty AC Unit 

An air conditioner contains several working parts that can take damage over time, which means there will be several reasons behind your unit’s failure. Understanding the common causes behind your air conditioner problems should make it easier to diagnose red flags and seek proper “treatment” for your malfunctioning air conditioner.

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